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Original insights, forecasts and visual trend analysis to help keep your work timely and on-target.

You can’t stay ahead of the trends if you don’t see them coming. That’s why we’ve been a pioneer in visual trend research for close to 15 years. Our in-house Creative Research team spans the globe, analysing imagery from all forms of media as well as social and behavioural shifts.

This analysis not only drives the images we offer but informs the trend reports and industry white papers we produce – allowing us to identify the trends that are shaping communications worldwide, forecast what’s around the corner and suggest directions to help keep your work timely and on-target.

Trends Report

Our trend reports analyze the latest visual trends, detailing shifts in consumer behaviour as well as the ways advertisers are tailoring their messages and imagery to more effectively communicate with them.


We’re addicted to technology. Our days are spent tweeting and texting, come night, we’re busy tagging photos on Facebook and catching up on our favorite TV shows on demand.

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From the oil spill in the Gulf to strife in the Middle East, there’s a lot to worry about in today’s world. Happily, turmoil acts as a catalyst for positive change.

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Real Bodies

From supermodels to television stars, advertisers are realizing that real, relatable body types are the ones that sell. The boundaries of beauty are broadening, and it seems like authenticity is here to stay.

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Women at Work

In the EU, three quarters of the eight million new jobs created since 2000 have been filled by women, with female qualities like collaboration, group orientation and consensus-seeking fueling a major social change.

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The changing symbolism of where we live is at the heart of this report, which tracks the shift from home as a sign of status to one of security and retreat in uncertain times.

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AspEn: Aspirational Environmentalism

AspEn’s focus is the environment, examining the risks and rewards of green advertising, including primary trends like new myths, stewardship and visual benchmarks.

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Footage shoots
Our original shoots illustrate some of the latest trends and techniques in the world of commercial footage while offering a behind-the-scenes look at the process and personnel.


This shoot re-creates the on-set production of a feature film, including the many personalities and decision-makers involved in moviemaking.

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Formula 1-style shoot

Simulating TV coverage of a Formula 1 event, this shoot captures all the visual and conceptual thrills of an actual race.

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Industry white papers

Our white papers offer in-depth insights into specific industries – from consumer packaged goods to technology and telecommunications – detailing current business trends and the way visuals are changing to address them.

Consumer packaged goods

10 Simple Things About The Simple

This white paper looks at how the recent economic downturn is ushering in a return to simpler values – illustrated by trends like childhood nostalgia, doing it yourself and the rise of real-life images.

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Financial services

The Curve – Financial edition

How are financial brands successfully adjusting to some of the toughest challenges they've ever faced? What makes some campaigns more successful than others? What role do visual elements play? And, more importantly, how does that apply to your brand?
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Financial Foresight
Our Financial Foresight white paper focuses on major trends like the increased use of images of real people and animals, as well as the quest for security, balance and authenticity.

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Use Only As Directed

This white paper looks at how trends like social media, doctor-patient collaboration and an increasingly DIY attitude toward medicine are changing the face of pharmaceutical imagery.

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Technology and telecommunications

The New Digital Hero

The New Digital Hero addresses key trends like security, speed and community – and the way they’re shaping the visual language of this sector.

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The Curve – read now

The Curve – read now

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