Stiff Kittens

South CerneyGlos, n/a United Kingdom

Genres:Folk, Pop Rock, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - New Wave, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Band Founders Gary Law & Steve Price have worked with many musicians over the years as The Stiff Kittens, giving rise to many solo projects and spin-offs, such as Matatabi

Today keeping the core of the band alive as recording project Stiff Kittens UK they are more creative than ever, having collaborated with other underground musicians on Gary’s new solo work ‘Square Peg Demographics’

A brand new anthology of Stiff Kittens Classic material will be available in 2007, focusing on the Epic nature of the band, giving rise to the critical acclaim the band have enjoyed, throughout their career, the dirt and the glory shine thorough on this amazing collective work:

“You have a stadium-ready band”, John Porter, Red Music (SONY)

“Stiff Kittens Can and they will!” Steve Brown, Producer (Cult: ‘She Sells Sanctuary’, etc)

“This music has the potential to be legendary”, CEO, Tourdates.Co.UK (fastest growing new music website)

Still used regularly on TV in USA inc MTV & VH1, classics such as ‘Kurt-Cobain’ have made the Stiff Kittens UK a favourite amongst underground music fans world-wide

They play music with an edge, with the occasional ballad classic thrown in for good measure, Stiff Kittens UK are full of surprises …

With many different live formats the bands can rock any audience and have never failed to impress
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