John Wenger

Baltimore, MD United States

Seeing Red
Bio: After dropping out of the Peabody Conservatory (call it irreconcilable differences) John pursued a parallel music career as a composer, a songwriter, and a performer. He sung for Mars Hill, wrote and produced the debut release of Orphan Project, and also scored for the History Channel, TLC, National Geographic, and a dozen short independent films.

Peter Nissen, a Producer for Team Productions for the TV Show “Tyrants on Trial” on the History Channel, said, “When I asked John Wenger to provide the score for a documentary on the History Channel, I had some specific thoughts: it needed to be grand, broad, orchestral, foreboding, with a subtle Arabic feel. Within days, I got the entire score, and he had nailed it. I was impressed by how responsive he was to the smallest details of my request—that’s not often the case with many composers, who’ll go off and write whatever they want… John’s music embodied the dark spirit of the documentary, and he did it in record time. Oh, yeah, and The History Channel loves it!”

John’s new, freshly released solo EP entitled 'Someday' has peers, critics, and fans all in a buzz. On GarageBand, his ballad Float, ranking five stars, #1 in Baltimore for Pop Rock, and winning awards for Best Male Vocals, Best Keyboards, Best Production, and Potential Soundtrack overall, has generated a lot of talk.

“Beautiful melodic keyboard and a voice capable of a successful solo career make it impossible to say anything negative about this piece. Clever songwriting skills and great dynamics throughout… In this listener’s opinion, one of the best songs on GarageBand!” (BuddyLucas, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada)

John’s gut-wrenching vocal performances continue to attraction attention.

“Solid singers make songs explode and you have one. I think you have all the right components to succeed on the radio.” (indianaempty)

“..A Quality artist is emerging here. Something special here. A vocal crooner! Awesome job!” (TONIOSOUL, Burbank, California)

"OK, plain & simple: This song was badass. Your vocals were superb. You got that x-factor voice that music needs…” (maddoxfl)

John is actively promoting the songs online through all the emerging indie channels.
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