Jamie Watling & the Hix

toronto, ontario Canada

Jamie Watling The Matadore, Toronto
Genres:Country - Contemporary/Pop, Country - Classic, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic
Bio: BIOGRAPHY: Jamie Watling & THe hiX

"Jamie Watling Grassy Hills Nevada" is the latest record release from singer/ song-writer Jamie Watling.
These are sixteen original songs, crafted from a sound Jamie finessed in live honky-tonk performances. The hard hitting simplicity of a five piece bar band is sweetened with the subtle technology of studio gadgetry. Be sure and listen to these songs free on the internet, and you will be sure to want a copy for your collection. The running theme of the listeners has been that it is "great driving music". See The website: www.jamiewatling.com.

Raised on a Hank Williams eight track, and parents that were very country, Jamie grew into a style of music that was carved by his rural life. Three brothers to tease a bit of rock out of their number three brother created a need to please direction for the music.
“Had to be heard”; I guess that’s how he ended up with the upper intensity that is typical of the bar scene in country music. This album never really shows the softer side of Jamie Watling and his love of very old country but he is still writing. Perhaps this intensity is the reason that Jim Cuddy, (Jamie’s friend and lead singer of Blue Rodeo) nic-named Jamie “Mega-Watts”

Jamie has played live in many clubs from Timmons to Nashville. With a brush of success from his first demo CD he has proudly finished his world debut album. “Its different producing an album without a big record company behind you. Each of my songs were crafted meticulously over a three year period”. He has charted on the top 100 and has been played on CMT. The new album is called "Jamie Watling Grassy Hills Nevada" One of these new songs was purchased for use in a feature movie. The song title is: "The Lightning Is Here", and the movie is called: "Red Green: Duct Tape Forever". Jamie has performed at the Traditional Country Music Festival in Trenton, and has won trophies in the Canadian Open Country Singing Contest.

Jamie is originally from East Zorra Tavistock, but is now based in Toronto. So it seems semi-logical that London has become a comfortable regular gig for Jamie Watling & The Hix. You can catch them quite often, doing a 3 night stop-over at the Town and Country Bar, 765 Dundas Street.

Jamie's life has balance between song-writing, performing, and visiting his tree-house in New Brunswick. Thats right a tree house, he built in the tall trees of Miramachi, New Brunswick. "It's a dream come true" says Jamie who proudly shows pictures of the tree-house. Its right on the water's edge with a cute deck and a shingled roof. Backed by 40 acres of thick forest and five resident bears, it was no easy chore to build. Jamie is the kind of guy who has to be up for a challenge if you consider the trials of performing live in the bars. But pushing an album these days requires getting out there and pluggin' in. Be sure to check out the music online at www.jamiewatling.com. There you will find a longer detailed biography. And keep in touch with the live performance schedule of "Jamie Watling & The Hix" .
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