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Mr Freeze (Dan Fries)
Bio: It was an unusual path which led Dan to producing his unique blend of Latin, Electronic, Pop, Chill, and World Music. It wasn't until after 13 years as a flamenco guitarist, a music degree from Berkeley, 10 years of concert Tuba and of Jazz Bass, and more years studying Sarode and Ghanian drumming that he turned his attention to making music people actually like to hear. His first success came co-authoring Platinum Italian Artist "L'aura's" breakout hit "Radio Star" which hit the teens in the Italian pop charts and was picked up by Volvo for their television ads. His "Chassidic Electronica" project "Kabbalah Dream Orchestra, which blends traditional songs with electronic and acoustic instruments, was named the year's "#2 New Jewish Music" album by the Jerusalem Post. One of these tracks was recently licensed for use in the upcoming film "The Slammin' Salmon."
Applying a similar formula to Afghan folk/pop music, Dan also collaborated with standout Afghan artist and TV host "Kamran." Co-authored and produced by Dan, the first single from the disc was quickly voted "Song of the Month" on the international Afghan TV station Noor-TV, while another track from the same album was recently placed on TNT's "Dark Blue." Other projects include co-authoring and producing Iranian Star "Hamed Nikpay's" recent album "All is Calm," which is being followed with a sellout North American tour (, "Funkiri", his Blues/Funk/Jazz band which rocked Southern Spain in 2003, "Basquerole," a meditative acousitc/electronic collaboration with Oudist and producer Eliot Bates, and his latest: "The Something Experience," his energizing TIC POP (tongue-in-cheek pop) collaboration with singer/ songwriter David Wagner. He's also working on a solo electronic album.
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